Director: Joaquín del Paso
Running time: about 90 min.
Genre:Thriller: Comedy/Drama
Countries of production: Mexico
Language: Spanish
Javier Zaragoza – Jesus Carlos
Ramiro Orozco – Ignacio
Cecilia García – Juanita,
Irene Ramirez – Soledad


A run down construction-machine factory in Mexico City: Maquinaria Panamericana.
The employees are happily winding down for the weekend, just like every friday, except that this day a
shocking event breaks their routine: their beloved boss, Don Alejandro, is found dead in the back of a
Soon this discovery leads to further ones: the company is bankrupt, the workforce have no prospects of
employment elsewhere and no hope for any retirement funds. In a state of confusion, fear and grief they
decide to hide his death and lock themselves in their dusty workplace to play out an improbable solution.