Director: Paweł Tarasiewicz
Running time: about 90 min.
Genre: Science fiction, Drama
Countries of production: Poland
Language: English


Metropolis city- year 2084 AD, after an AI ‘boom’, society has reached an era of technological degradation where cyborgs are feared by humans. Scared of a cyborg uprising, humans have tweaked with “AI DNA” and enslaved the cyborgs by reducing their consciousness and intellect to the level of a common household appliances. A group of free thinking cyborgs have escaped the ‘tweak’ and formed a camp near the city landfill, where they scavenge for rejected gadgets that may become a source of energy.
Mia, a female scavenger cyborg comes across a cellular device, once switched on she finds a recording of a girl looking exactly like her. Intrigued, confused and scared, she sets off on a journey to locate this mysterious doppelganger. She knows that in order to find the answer, she must go into the dangerous city of Metropolis, where free thinking cyborgs are outlawed, if she gets caught her emotions and consciousness will be tweaked to that of an ordinary microwave.