Director: Pawel Tarasiewicz
Running time: 100 min.
Genre: Drama
Countries of production: Poland
Language: Polish


End of season, winter is falling on Hel's peninsula in the north of Poland.
Jack, a unsuccessful American script writer, isolates here to write a script. He is convinced that this place is perfect to find the right inspiration and prove to his producer that he still can write.
He resides in a deserted camping, whose guardian is a shy local boy Kail who's hobby is to test people with a lie detector for money.
One night Jack is a witness of how Kail is making the test on three young people in the local bar.
The next day one of them is found dead with the tong cut out. Kail, persuaded by his friend Mila that Jack is the murderer, start to rummage in his secrets. The truth appear to be more twisted that he thought when he discover that Jack is writing about him.